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Deep-Sea Travel Posters

During my Ph.D., I created a series of "Deep-Sea Travel Posters" depicting various environments on the ocean floor in the style of vintage travel posters. My goal for this series was to encourage people to engage with deep-sea environments in a new way, and to show that these ecosystems are just as vibrant and charismatic as those that may be more familiar! Bringing awareness to the deep sea, and inspiring people's personal connection with it, is a cause close to my heart!


While you can see some early versions of my designs here, all of my final designs are on sale at my Etsy shop, which you can visit here.

UN Ocean Decade Launch

The United Nations declared 2021-2030 the UN Ocean Decade to support and encourage marine research and sustainable ocean development. To kick off the decade, the UN held a poster competition in early 2021 calling for artists to submit works that celebrated and encouraged ocean exploration. While the two designs I submitted did not win the competition, they were among the few chosen to be displayed outside the UNESCO World Headquarters in Paris, France in July 2021.

NOAA Deep-Sea Dialogues


NOAA Ocean Exploration aims to explore the unknown parts of our ocean and to disseminate that knowledge to a broad audience. Part of their mission is to "enhance America’s environmental literacy," producing a myriad of educational resources about the world's oceans. Their series of "Deep-Sea Dialogues" are short videos that provide an overview of various deep-sea environments. I was featured as the guest expert in their video on cold seeps.

You can watch the video, and learn more about NOAA Ocean Exploration here.

NOAA Deep-Dives for Educators

Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 21-57-27 Deep Dive into CC - Melissa Betters.png

In addition to their pre-produced Deep-Sea Dialogue videos, NOAA Ocean Exploration also hosts live, virtual 90-minute Q&A sessions on specific ocean topics. A guest expert is brought on to field questions from STEM educators (grades 6-12) who are interested in incorporating marine science into their classrooms. For two of their Q&A sessions on cold seeps, I was kindly invited to be their guest expert.


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